A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a visual novel in which you take control of one of two college students in a bizarre world teetering on the brink of apocalypse due to strange occurrences happening on a weekly basis. You control a kinate, a type of person who has the ability to control certain types of energy, who mostly just wants to get through college intact.


  • Go on a date!
  • Be awkward on said date!
  • Two player characters!
  • Banter!
  • Nematodes!
  • Draconic-human political intrigue!
  • A health and battle system!
  • Probably a few typos!
  • One main bad ending, one main good ending, and several mini bad endings!

A single playthrough of one player character to one main ending should take approximately 30 minutes, depending on the route taken and reading speed.

(Please note: While this is technically a fanmade Vocaloid/UTAU game, absolutely no background knowledge about the character is required.)

This game was created for #FreeSourceJam, but was uploaded a few days late due to a somewhat nightmarish scenario involving DirectX9 and amino acids. All assets used are documented in a credits text file.

Please contact the author (contact is included in the download file's readme) if you come across any errors or sneaky typos!

Install instructions

Download and extract the file. It will run as a stand-alone game; no additional engine required.


Kinetics-0.07-win.zip 167 MB
Kinetics-0.07-mac.zip 166 MB
Kinetics-0.07-linux.tar.bz2 170 MB